best Essential Oil for Lice

Essential Oil for Lice

Essential Oils for Lice has already being the best method to makes Lice leave human hair. Do any of you guys ever have any problem with Lice? Yup, that creepy little thing in our head, it stayed in our hair like its own home. The Lice in our hair will make our hair itchy all the time, so I’m sure that whoever has any problem with Lice would want to know how to make this thing disappear, today I’m going to give you guys a method on how to resolve this Lice problem.

Essential Oil for Lice

Even though there are essential oils for lice young living, but still. Lice is not only the problem of child or young living, a grew up man or woman can also have a problem with this creature if they didn’t take care of their hair every day, it can also transmitted from child’s hair to adult’s hair, that is why we have to always take care both of our hair, and our children hair.

Because lice can also lay eggs, there is an essential oils for lice eggs too, even though this Lice is a very small creature, this thing is very annoying because it is not an easy thing to do to make this creature leaves our hair forever, even after you think you already get rid of it, it will get back there somehow.

And the key for this problem is Essential Oils, do you guys know about Essential Oils?, it is basically an oil with a thick form that can evaporate and it is smell real good, and you can solve this problem with Essential Oils for Lice.

Essential Oils for Lice – Easy and simple treatment to make Lice leave your hair

Some of the essential oils or also known as aromatic oil prove really effective to use with a comb, before you starting to use any of essential oil in your hair, first you want to do is to drop a little of essential oil in the back of your palms, and then feel the reaction, because maybe you have allergic with this essential oil, yeah some people are, that’s why you have to make sure about it first before you use it.

There are some of the best essential oils for lice to use against this Lice in your hair, many people already try these essential oils, and prove it their self that these oils is really useful to get rid of this Lice.

If you want to make Lice leave your hair below is the list of some essential oils that will be effective for this problem.

best Essential Oil for Lice

Essential Oils for Lice – List

  • Lavender
  • Thyme
  • Tea Tree
  • Geranium
  • Eucalyptus
  • Pine
  • Lemon
  • Sage
  • Lemongrass
  • Cinnamon

To use these essential oils, first you have got to mix your favorite essential oil with 2 gram of olive oil, wipe and spread on your hair skin or scalps using cotton, leave that all night right there, at least 12 hours, and at the morning you can comb your hair, then take a shower and use shampoo. After that you comb your hair again, remember combing hair is really useful to make lice disappear.

I hope that you found this article useful for you, I’m pretty sure that it will solve your Lice problem, because essential oils for lice is already proved useful by many people that already use it.



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