Essential Oils For Heartburn Doterra

If you suffer from bad heartburn or acid reflux you know how irritating and frustrating.

A simple solution that can actually work  heartburn no more.

It can be to deal with the constant discomfort, the bitter taste in your mouth, the sleepless night spent in pain and then there’s all these drugs that promise relief but don’t deliver.

Did you know there are many essential oils that support healthy digestion?

Peppermint is well known for its digestive benefits and as a primary ingredient in this blend. We’re going to be talking about doterra x’ digests an oil blend also known as the digestive blend.

The common uses for this oil are aromatics so breathing it in. You can also use it topically if you can point to it.  Put it on the bottoms of your feet, you won’t smell it, you won’t taste it. You can put it there as well as internally the digests.

This blend has like peppermint and caraway, coriander, fennel, anise and a couple other oils and it’s the anise. That is kind of licorice tea to some people and some people really love that and other people don’t so if you don’t love it that’s ok.

It has a nice black licorice type of smell because that’s where fennel and anis come from. But the benefits of this oil are that it supports healthy digestion and helps with occasional stomach, upset loading gas or occasional indigestion.

This system can help you treat your heartburn and reflux within two months and you can have permanent relief in just 48 hours.

This clinically researched system is backed by over 35,000 hours of intense medical research and is a powerful solution for you. So if you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux and you are tired of dealing with it every day look into heartburn no more

Blends the digests sin digestive blood and this is a favorite in our household is for all things stomach. You know we’re not we won’t go into details, but whatever is going on whether.

You’re a big person or small person this is a great oil.  Just take a drop put a drop on my hand and rub it right on stomach. You can put the oil on the bottoms of your feet and there are some people who even just take a little bit in some water on this oil

So if you know you’re not going to want to taste it, you can just pop one and you’re good to go.

So you totally have options but i love this but and here’s my little little-known fact about this blend. It’s really good at helping break stuff down so this time of year.

When i’m kind of congested at times or have something going on. I can dilute this oil so put it with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil and just kind of paint it over my sinuses and it helps kind of break things down and clear it out.

The directions for use are rubbing one or two drops on your stomach area to help with bloating gas or discomfort.

You’ll be good to go or you could put it in a veggie cap which is just an empty pill capsule put your drops in and you’re good to go and doterra does make this blend in pre-made soft gels.

You can also place three to four drops in a veggie capsule and take before meals.

If you don’t like the flavor as much or just place one drop on the top of your hand and lick it off before meals is going to be the best but you could also do it after a meal as well.

So that’s kind of a fun little tip about your digestion. So go grab your digestion and use it if you haven’t and if you don’t have digests.



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