Essential Oils

Essential Oils, Let’s Discern Deeply About It

Essential oils are well-known nowadays. It’s because they contain so many beneficial things that can be used by people. It’s actually can be used by children too. In addition, essential oils are also used by adult. Why these kinds of things are very popular and very beneficial?

Let’s take a look at what essential oils are. Essential oils actually liquid that comes from a plant. You may say it as an extraction. The composition of it comes from the part of plant such as flower, trunk, root, or etc. In detail, essential oils actually an extraction or essence of fragrant of plant.

Essential Oils

There are so many essential oils. They also have many functions which are different from each other. In our life, essential oil can be found in so many things, they actually are common stuffs. They are perfumes, cleaning households, soaps, and many more things. All of them are using essential oils as main material or as an additional composition.

Here, this article will tell you some application of using essential oils. Some applications are in certain areas such as essential oils for acne, sleep, pregnancy asthma, and hair lose. If you want to know detailed information, you may search some similar topic in the Internet. These below are just short references for you.

Essential Oils for Acne

Essential oils for acne is one best way for handling the most terrible issue of skin, yes it’s acne. You will worry about your appearance if you have acne in your face, won’t you? The best solution to vanish it is just using essential oil. That is the cheapest way and very natural, isn’t it?

You don’t need to buy any sophisticated and branded cosmetics just for removing your pimples. Actually, you may just using essential oils. The way of using it also it’s not complicated at all. You just need to apply it on your face every day.

Basically, the distillation and steaming process makes essential oils are powerful for tackling your acne (pimple). So, you just need to apply it every day to make your face better. The recommended essential oils that can be used for your face are oils from oranges, roses, lemon, and clove.

To maximum it’s strengths, you may mix it with honey. It can give you more extra strength since it also can make you skin brighter and more delicate. So, now you can apply it. Of course, you must find the essential oils that you will use first, since if there isn’t that, you won’t do anything.

Essential Oils for Sleep

It’s very obvious that essential oil is very beneficial for your healthiness. However, it is very beneficial for your favorite activity. Yes, it’s correct that is your sleeping. Essential oils may bring some advantages for your sleeping since the fragrant can make your brain relax while sleeping.

Sleeping is very important activity for your healthiness. People basically need six until seven hours for sleeping. It will be a serious problem, if you cannot sleep well. That’s why you can apply some essential oils for helping your sleeping condition. The best is lavender oil since it is very appropriate to make your sleep well.

Lavender oil contain some vital fragrant that can stimulate your brain while sleeping. Yet, it’s true. Many researchers already prove that kind of fact. If you have problem with your sleeping, you just need it in small portion and you may mask your face using it. Try to apply it especially in eyes areas; it really will help you a lot.

Essential Oil Benefits Aromatherapy

Essential Oils for Pregnancy Asthma

Asthma for pregnant women is very dangerous condition. To conquer this kind of condition, you may apply essential oil. It can be used in areas around your belly. You must use it every day for relaxing your baby. It will be very helpful for your healthiness; moreover it is very useful for your baby.

Basically, one of essential oils for pregnancy asthma is cardamom. The composition inside that substance can help your sleep well again. It’s because the cardamom fragrant can make your brain relax while you are sleeping for six or seven ours.

Essential Oils for Hair Lose

Now, we are talking about the most suitable essential oil for hair lose. As we know, hair lose is problem that cannot be handle only by as shampoo. It’s fine when you use essential oil. The most appropriate one for this kind of problem is lavender. The composition inside that substance can fix your hair problem, in this case is you hair lose.

Of course you don’t want right when you have hair problem. In reality, we must agree that our hair is our crown. So, it’s time for you to fix this kind of problem with the most unbeatable solution. Right now, I will tell you some steps to apply lavender to repairing hair lose.

  1. You must know that you not only need lavender, but also rosemary, thyme, and cedar wood. You must prepare those, and then you must combine them all in bowl.
  2. Next, you must also prepare jojoba oil and grape oil, those are additional ingredients that you need too.
  3. After collecting all the ingredients that you need, you can mix them all.
  4. Now, you have compilation of your essential oil. And then you may pour it in the area that you think bald in your head.
  5. You must pour it using pipette, it can make your head easy to approve that essence.
  6. After that, you may apply towel to clean it.
  7. You may do it routinely to get a maximum result that can make you feel satisfied.


In short, essentials oils are very important in your life. If you realize, you will know this substance is very useful and helpful. Many things related to healthiness can be connected with this stuff. Now, you may choose what kind of essential oil that will bring advantage for you.



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