Essentials Oils For Earache

Essentials Oils For Earache

Ears are important parts of our body and it is very sensitive. So, we have to take care of it well in order to make sure the function of ears is working. Unfortunately, because of its characteristics, it easy to bacteria come and makes an infection in the ears. Using essentials oils for earache is recommended for everyone who getting the earache.

Applying essentials oils for earache will not give the side effect to its sufferer. It is because the nature of essentials oils. There are many kind of essentials oil that can be used to heal the earache but we have to choose the best one that appropriate with our need.

Essentials Oils For Earache

Frankincense oil for ear infection

The effective ways to make our ears better from an infection is using frankincense oil for ear infection. Ear infection can make lymph nodes that contain a toxin. Frankincense can reduce your pain and inflammation. So, you can apply it to make you better. You can do a massage with frankincense oil on lymph nodes area.

Melaleuca oils for earache

Melaleuca oils or we usually called by tea tree is an antiseptic that can help you to heal the pain. Melaleuca oils can kill the bacteria in our ears. Besides, it only kill the bacteria that cause of infection not a good bacteria from your ears. Applying melaleuca oils for earache is a best way to treat your ailment. You can apply it with mixing 1/3 cup of warm water and three drops of melaleuca oils. Do this activity every day until waiting your better condition.

Essential oils for ear infection in toddlers

Actually, there are many ways to treat toddlers that getting ear infection. One of them is using essentials oils. We have to extra careful to choose what things that we will use to the toddler. The safely one is using garlic oil. Garlic oil contains of natural antibiotics. You can use it with drop a little bit of garlic oil to the children ears.

Essential oils for ear congestion

Applying essential oils for ear congestion is a good consideration. You can choose pine, eucalyptus and peppermint oils to treat your ears and your congestion. Pine capable to clean the air around you and kills the toxin. Eucalyptus is a supplement and peppermint can eliminate inflammation in your ear. Inhale its steam and be relaxing. It will help you to copes the ear congestion.

Using essentials oils for earache is an alternative ways to treat your ailments. There are many kinds of essentials oils that can you apply depends on your need. Frankincense and melaleuca oils can be your reference to treat your ear infection. Make sure that you choose very safety essentials oils for toddles like garlic oils. It gives the toddler an antibiotic naturally. When you getting ear congestion, you can apply three essentials oils such as pine, eucalyptus and peppermint oils to makes you better.

While using essentials oils for earache is effective, you need go to the doctor to check how your condition is. It help you to know what your body need or needless. It decrease the risk of allergy when using the essentials oils.



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