frankincense oil

Frankincense Oil: Application, Uses And Benefits

The word Frankincense comes from the Latin word meaning “to burn” and has traditionally been known as an aromatic powder from the resins. Frankincense and myrrh oil are one of many essential oil known as incense oil. Frankincense oil is used mainly for medicinal, cosmetic and religious purposes. Frankincense oil can be used as treatment for cancer.

frankincense oil

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Because the aromatic wands that many people use to burn to aromatize are sold commercially they are also called “incenses” it is very important to differentiate them from the true Essential Oil of Frankincense, as the Frankincense sticks or sticks sold in stores become very cheap because they are not made with natural ingredients but generally contain chemicals or synthetic flavors that burn produce smoke that is harmful to health causing allergies and other conditions.

True Frankincense is a highly valued tree from the Middle East with a great millenary tradition that has been recognized for its many medicinal and healing properties that has a special meaning for thousands of years in the religious aspect of different cultures such as the Jewish, Hindu, Egyptian and Chinese.

The material of the tree used to produce the essential oil of Frankincense is through small cuts that occur when the trunk grows, where a resin exudes that in contact with the air solidifies forming small gums, in Oman, Arabia is It is very common for people to ingest this oil in a natural way simply by chewing the gums or resins to extract their oil or leave them soaking all night to drink the resulting water the next day.

The pure essential oil of Frankincense is obtained from the tree that by itself is medicinal and that produces the therapeutic effects for what has been traditionally recognized with the name of “liquid gold”, in fact in ancient times it was believed that it could cure or treat any type of illness or disease that is also known as the “cure”.

Unlike the ancient civilizations that used the Essential Oil of Frankincense basing their use on the experience by tradition, now we have the scientific support of different universities around the world that provide us studies through which they are checking the beneficial effects of Frankincense oil in the treatment of different types of cancer in addition to many other ailments.

Other benefits that this wonderful Frankincense oil gives us, is that it is a very noble oil that can be used at any age from children to old people, it can be applied topically in pure or diluted form, in aromatic use, in massage, hydrotherapy and it is also available The Essential Frankincense Grade Therapeutic Oil of the Doterra line can be used as a nutritional supplement with the approval of your specialist doctor and under the supervision of an expert aromatherapist.

Its special aroma and its many applications make the Essential Oil of Frankincense, a special oil to be used at any time of year, its price is based on its medicinal value and the cost of extraction because there is a low percentage of oil contained in the resin of the tree from which the essence is extracted.

Uses Through History

  • The Egyptians used it in preparations for skin care, to embalm for its antiseptic properties and also to make a black powder used as eyeliner.
  • The Arabs used it for holy ointments, to prepare perfumes and to purify the environment.
  • Important part in the religious rituals of the Jewish people and also of the Catholic religion.
  • Most ancient cultures used it mainly for religious and medicinal purposes as well as perfume.

Therapeutic Properties Of Essential Oil

Antiseptic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, healing, digestive, diuretic, emmenagogue, expectorant, soothing, tonic, rejuvenating the skin, increases the body’s defenses, increases concentration and energy.

Uses In The Present

Generally used in meditation, most people are unaware of the many benefits that this Frankincense essential oil provides as it has therapeutic action in the mental, emotional and physical.

  • It has the ability to help deepen breathing.
  • Calming effect with activating action because it reduces fatigue while increasing energy and concentration.
  • Useful in the treatment of anxiety and nervous tension and also obsessionIt fosters an atmosphere of peace, reducing stress.
  • Indicated to accompany the moments of prayer and meditation to God.
  • Relieves pain caused by rheumatism and muscle spasms.
  • Due to its expectorant action it is useful in the cases of asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, cough and laryngitis.
  • The toning and rejuvenating properties make it one of the main oils to improve the tone and condition of the skin, so it is recommended to treat aged skin, with wrinkles as well as to reduce scars and stretch marks.
  • Due to its healing action, use it is used to help cure blisters and ulcers.
  • It also acts on the genital urinary system to treat cystitis, syphilis, dysmenorrheal, leucorrhoea and metrorrhagia.
  • An important element in the perfume industry because it is an excellent scent fixative.

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Different Forms Of Application

  • Ceramic flavors with candle and electric: clear the mind, in meditation, to improve concentration.
  • Vaporizers for 20 minutes: bronchitis, cough, loss of voice, catarrh, cough and laryngitis is an excellent expectorant.
  • Direct inhalation: helps the breath to be deeper, reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Diluted in vegetable oils (soy, olive, grape seed): applied to the skin in cases of rheumatism, fatigue, nightmares and respiratory problems.
  • Creams and lotions: for the care of the skin or skin with wrinkles or with the first signs of aging add a few drops to your neutral cream, preferably of natural origin.
  • Compresses: dilute a few drops in water and apply on the area to be treated.
  • Rinse: dilute a few drops in water and rinse the skin with blisters, ulcers, damaged by the sun or the passage of time.
    • Direct application or perfume: 1 or 2 drops
    • positive effects on the mind and emotions.
    • reduce anxiety, stress, nervous tension, physical and mental fatigue.
    • minimize scars and stretch marks
    • neutralize insect bites
  • Hydrotherapy: for a naturally aromatic bath with relaxing, invigorating and rejuvenating action of the skin.



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