How To Use And Best Smelling Essential Oils For Diffuser

You ever walked into a room and it just wreaked of artificial fragrance. Maybe they have plugins in their house or they just sprayed some air freshener and after a couple of nights, your lungs literally started to hurt that stuff is nasty. It’s there loaded with chemicals. They can even be carcinogens. So you just want to stay away from plugins incense cheap candles, air fresheners.

But having said that it is nice to smell good right or to walk into the room and not have it smell like trash or diaper pail and that’s really where aromatherapy can come in.

What this machine does is it breaks apart your essential oil into tiny little molecules. That will fill your room with this incredible therapeutic aroma. You can find diffusers on starting around $20.

How To Use Essential Oils Diffuser

Find your diffusers basin and you’re going to add water now. Some will say to use tap, others will say to use distilled. Just follow the instructions. And now that you’ve got your water in there you add your essential oil.

If you’re new to oils, recommended starting with just two drops. ┬áThis is also a great number if you have children nearby and be sure that you’re using safe oils.

If you’re more seasons, you can use five drops and beyond.

So it’s really a personal thing experiment see what works for you. Plug it in start it up and voila you’re diffusing. Because diffusing is ┬áthe easiest way to experience aromatherapy and neutralizes odor in a natural and safe way.

There’s actually a therapeutic quality to diffusing these oils and that’s because when we smell these oils they can reach parts of our brain, that no other scents can.

So it can help support your physical well-being, your emotional well-being, and even your spirituality.

Best Smelling Essential Oils For Diffuser

Grapefruit it’s fresh clean and it just makes feel happy.

Orange is another great oil to try as well and then of course at night to kind of calm the whole family down.

Frankincense this is great, kind of reflecting or in a bubble bath .it’s really calming and it really grounds and sandalwood are also wonderful oils for spirituality.

Cedarwood is another great relaxing oil and when it comes to neutralizing nasty odors, nothing works as well as purification


Young living also makes an oil blend called peace and calming.

This is an oil blend that has citronella, rosemary, lavender and it just smells awesome and literally i cannot smell those bad smells like it neutralizes .

It’s phenomenal but really the options are endless and there are so many different kinds, so play with them. Has some great variety and find the oils that really speak to you.



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