The beauty and benefits of eucalyptus oils

Although originally from Australia, eucalyptus is a tree known by many people because the branches of this tree, and other products derived from it, are widely used in alternative medicine, specifically to treat problems related to the respiratory tract although it is not the only use that can be given to eucalyptus leaves; Today, we will discover the benefits of eucalyptus oil for hair and also we will discuss a little about the benefits of eucalyptus oils for cold.

Properties of eucalyptus oil

Talking about the properties of eucalyptus oil is talking about the healing of a large number of conditions, among which are those that attack the respiratory system, where eucalyptus oil is most popular, body pains, wound healing, diversity of infections and treatment of the hair which is exactly where we are going to focus.

Benefits of eucalyptus oil for hair

The eucalyptus oil has admirable properties that manage to regenerate the hair tissues responsible for hair growth, in addition to giving it the strength necessary for hair to grow strong and bright, recent studies indicate that using hair treatments with eucalyptus oil causes hair to grow up to 2 centimeters in 30 days , which is a significant figure even for women who do not have problems with normal hair growth.

Using eucalyptus oil for hair also helps to shine and repair the brittle ends that are a headache for those women who have dry hair.

Currently we can find the eucalyptus in different forms, such as oil, infusion or in its natural state, but without the benefits changing between one or the other except the eucalyptus oil that has a very high concentration so it is recommended to dissolve it with some other element that is not harmful to the hair

Eucalyptus water for hair

One of the simple treatments to stimulate hair growth is based on eucalyptus leaves, as it does not need to be combined with any other element to be applied to hair.

To carry out this treatment, we will only need a considerable quantity of fresh branches of eucalyptus and we will follow the following steps:

  • We will boil water in a saucepan and introduce the eucalyptus branches to prepare an infusion.
  • We will let it cool because if we use warm or hot preparation we will damage the hair and it is not what we are looking for.
  • We will apply the cold infusion directly on the hair focusing on the scalp since that is where the tissues responsible for hair growth are located.
  • Let wait for half an hour and rinse the hair with plenty of water.

This is a treatment that, apart from being simple and economical, will not need a daily application since with a biweekly application is more than enough to see results in a short time.

Eucalyptus oil for dry hair

Using eucalyptus oil in the hair will make the risk of suffering from dandruff diminish considerably thanks to the antiseptic property of the eucalyptus. Then we will learn a treatment with eucalyptus oil for dry hair that we can easily follow at home.

We will use:

  • Eucalyptus oil.
  • White vinegar.
  • Water.


  • Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a liter of water until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  • We apply the preparation on wet hair, we can help with a comb to prevent hair from getting tangled.
  • We wash the hair as we usually do to remove the greasy feeling left by the oil.
  • We will feel changes from the first application; We can perform this treatment three times a week and with the action of time we will see surprising results in a short time.

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Eucalyptus oil for baldness

Baldness is not a problem that afflicts only men, as there are more and more cases in which women suffer from hair loss that in the long run becomes an alarming problem. Using eucalyptus oil for baldness can be an excellent measure that allows us to fight against hair loss and return to have an extensive and healthy mane.

We will need:

  • Eucalyptus essential oil.
  • Olive oil.

The steps to follow are quite simple and very similar to other treatments for baldness involving essential oils.

  • We will mix 20 drops of essential oil with approximately 100 ml. Of olive oil.
  • Apply on the scalp, gentle massage for several minutes will help the treatment have much better results.
  • Leave on for about 30 minutes and remove with normal hair washing.

We can apply this treatment on a daily basis because thanks to the amounts used is not harmful to hair health.

We must bear in mind that the application of eucalyptus oil on the hair will not magically stop it from falling but with the passage of time we will be able to significantly reduce the amount of hair we lose.

Eucalyptus shampoo for hair

Using a shampoo containing eucalyptus oil will help us to take advantage of all the benefits of this plant in the typical hair wash in addition to being a natural product one hundred percent.

Using eucalyptus oil in the daily wash will make our hair look brighter and free of any fat, in addition to freshening the hair root and rid of all types of bacteria, so capillary growth without dandruff or any other problem is guaranteed.

Are there side effects if I use eucalyptus for my hair?

Being an external treatment, the possibility of there being a side effect decreases abysmally although it never hurts the previous consultation with a specialist to help us check that our body will not develop any reaction to the application of eucalyptus.

It is important to bear in mind that excessive treatment, regardless of its nature, can cause reactions in our body that we do not want to deal with

Eucalyptus Oil For Cold

You certainly know the strong smell and camphor of eucalyptus oil found in many products to treat a cold or bronchitis.

Expectorant, antitussive, antiviral, immune stimulant, the essential oil of eucalyptus  is the solution for cold, respiratory veins, nose, throat and bronchi.

It liquefies secretions, helps breathe better. Energizing, it is recommended in case of fatigue.

It can be used for the flu but also in case of colds, angina, bronchitis …

Use  : externally, two drops of eucalyptus essential oil radiated in vegetable oil.

Massage at the throat, behind the ears, bust, soles and wrists.

Internally , two drops of essential oil in a tablespoon of honey, to be taken three times a day.

Inhalation : put two drops of this essential oil in a bowl of hot water or in an inhaler.

Always pour hot water before the essential oils.

Close the eyes during inhalation to avoid possible irritation.

To avoid hot / cold shock, it is best to avoid going out for an hour after inhalation.



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