lavender oil

Things You Need To Know About Lavender Oil

Did you know that lavender oil is considered the best natural oil? Only with this you can imagine lavender oil benefits for the skin and especially lavender oil for hair.

lavender oil

So, if you still do not have it in your home, run to get it because, when you finish reading this article that we have prepared for you, you will need it in your life!

Where Does Lavender Oil Come From?

The first thing you should know is that lavender oil comes, obviously, from the shrub that bears the same name. It appears in the most Mediterranean countries and its flowers are purple.

It sure sounds like you’ve seen her. Already the oldest societies used it and that lets you see that yes, it works, it works.

Why Is It So Popular?

Simply for being very versatile. In fact, people who start studying aromatherapy do so by researching this oil.

You should know that it is one of the few (along with the tea tree and chamomile) that can be applied directly to the skin.

But wait, that’s not all, in addition, if you apply a few drops of lavender oil in another oil or mask, it will enhance all the effect of accompanying.

And now, let’s know more about all its properties so you can convince yourself.

Properties Of Lavender Oil

– Sedante. But not in the sense of deep anesthesia. Yes, it was used as a relaxant. Try to take a long bath with lavender oil in the water and you’ll tell us how relaxed you get. The ancient civilizations already did and defended that it relieved the symptoms of nervousness.

– Antiseptic . Its power against viruses and bacteria is more than proven. And, if you suffer some kind of infection, do not hesitate to treat them with this oil.

– Antispasmodic . If you have a mild throat and bronchial infection, some inhalations with this oil will go great.

– Analgesic . It is perfect if applied in a contracture or bruise. It helps reduce pain and also inflammation, thanks to its anti-inflammatory power.

– Regenerating . Burns, acne, dermatitis, aging … Any of these conditions can be treated with lavender oil as it helps to regenerate our tissue.

– Potenciadora . As we have said before, do not hesitate to put a few drops in your other oils or masks to enhance their results.

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But What Exactly Does Lavender Oil Serve?

Be attentive because you will be surprised, and much, of all the applications of lavender oil. For example, in its uses for the skin .

Lavender Oil Benefits For The Skin

– Wrinkles. It has a revitalizing and regenerating power that helps to keep the skin tissue firm. Obviously it will not eliminate the root wrinkles but it will help you to blur them and make your skin look much smoother. By the way, it will also make it more difficult for them to appear at future wrinkles.

– Acne. In this case, its disinfecting power works very well. In addition, it cleanses the blood circulation and will help reduce the pain or inflammation that causes acne. If you have had, or have, you know very well what we are talking about.

– Wounds and burns . Disinfect the wound or regenerate your skin thanks to a few drops of this oil. Apply it on the damaged skin and wait for the results. They are amazing!

– Dermatitis . In this case, and in spite of the seriousness that a dermatitis entails, we have to warn you that what this oil does is a calming effect. Of course, this skin disease should be treated by a doctor but, if you notice stinging, the oil can help you.

– Chickenpox . You suffer a lot with itching and you know it. So, take advantage of the soothing effect of lavender and apply it on the skin. You will notice the relief right away.

Uses Of This Oil For Personal Hygiene.

– Bathrooms . It has been a hard day? Fill the bathtub, pour a few drops of lavender oil and relax. When you leave, you will see everything differently. We assure you! Take advantage of its relaxing effect.

– Vaginal infections. First visit your doctor and then, if you want to relieve the itching and stinging, throw a few drops of the oil in the bidet and wash the area with it. We also recommend using pompeia oil .

– Deodorant. Hey, and why not? It has a pleasant aroma and zero chemicals.

Benefits Of Lavender For Colds

– Steam baths As we said, it is great for colds, sore throat, nasal packing and mild bronchitis. Perform steam baths and aspire its benefits. Oh! You can also add it in the humidifier or directly a few drops on the pillow. You can try it for the kids without problem.

Use Of This Oil For The Nervous System

– Babies and small children. Do you notice that your baby is upset? Bet on lavender oil. Add a few drops on your pillow and you will immediately notice the relaxing effect of its aroma. Sleeps peacefully!

Benefits Of Lavender Oil For Hair And How To Use It

The therapeutic benefits of lavender essential oil are well known, but did you know that it is also an oil with very interesting properties for hair? That’s right, besides being very relaxing and offering a super pleasant fragrance, lavender oil can be a perfect ally to restore and repair hair, making it look more beautiful and healthy than ever.

Among other things, it stands out for favoring hair growth, preventing hair loss, treating dandruff and improving the appearance of oily hair and those suffering from excessive dryness.

If you want to continue discovering what this essential oil can do for your beauty and hair health, keep reading this article in which we show you what are the benefits of lavender oil for hair and how to use it with different treatments.

Lavender essential oil is an oil with a very pleasant aroma and with multiple beneficial properties for our well-being , which is why it is one of the most appreciated products in the field of aromatherapy. But in addition to this, it also has a long list of benefits for hair that we should know, it can be a perfect lotion to improve the health and beauty of our hair, while we take advantage of its powerful relaxing effects. Next, we detail what are the main properties of lavender oil for hair , take note !:

Fights Hair Loss And Stimulates Hair Growth

When we massage the scalp with lavender oil, the blood circulation is reactivated and the hair root is stimulated, which allows to unclog all the pores and make the hair grow faster and healthier. The hair follicles are stronger and this prevents excessive hair loss . Thanks to these properties, this oil is one of the recommended natural remedies in case of alopecia areata.

Treat Dandruff

It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, which help fight the symptoms of dandruff, such as inflammation, itching and peeling. In addition, it balances the pH of the scalp, accelerating the healing of this condition, offering a deep cleansing of the area and also leaving the hair free of toxins.

Reduce Fat

Being antiseptic and balancing the pH of the scalp, lavender oil is perfect for those who have oily hair . With its use, it is possible to reduce the excess of sebum and get the hair to stay clean longer without appearing so caked.

Condition Hair

Another benefit of lavender hair oil is that it acts as a good natural conditioner, it also helps to combat dryness and frizz and leaves hair much cleaner, brighter and with a very pleasant smell.

Help Eliminate Lice

It is a good natural treatment against lice and nits, since being antiseptic, it allows to disinfect the scalp and favor its elimination. In addition, the aroma of lavender is quite unpleasant for these small parasitic insects.

Where To Buy Lavender Essential Oil

You can find lavender oil in herbalists and large stores, if you do not have any near your home, you can also buy it online.

You see, lavender oil is good for practically everything. So, as we told you at the beginning, I’m sure you’re looking forward to going with a bottle. We hope it works for you!



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